Last Updated: Oct 1, 2016

Article 1 (Scope of The Agreement)

1. This agreement prescribes the use of the service (hereinafter referred to as “The Service”) delivered/provided by OJ’s JP(hereinafter referred to as “The Site”), an online shopping website operated/provided by OJ’s Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”).
2. Service guides of the Service listed on this Site become a part of the Agreement.

Article 2 (Customers and Members)

1. “Customers” in this Agreement shall include those who agree to the Agreement, and browse, search, or use the Service, including the “Members” described in the following items.
2. “Customers” in this Agreement shall mean those who agree to the Agreement, and have completed the member registration based on the prescribed method by the Company.
3. Customers are to use the Service based on their agreement with the Service, and by using the Service they are recognized as having validly agreed to the Agreement.

Article 3 (Member Registration)

1. Customers who wish to purchase items through the Service are to complete the membership registration in advance. Member registration is free of charge.

2. By agreeing to the Agreement, customers who wish to be registered as a member become eligible after the completion of the member registration prescribed by the Company. The member registration process must be completed by the person who wants to join the membership, and no registration by any deputy is accepted.

3. The Company may reject the said registration if it falls under any of the following:
(1) A potential member’s past membership was cancelled due to a violation against the service agreement provided by the Company.
(2) The requested details of a membership registration contain false information.
(3) A potential member has had any delinquency concerning the services provided by the Company of late payment of fees, rejection/unavailability of receiving items for a long period of time, or rejection of returning/replacing an item for no fair reason.
(4) A potential member has committed any prohibitions prescribed by the Agreement in the past.
(5) The Company rationally determines the registration approval from the provision/management perspective of the Service is inappropriate besides the abovementioned.

4. In the case of any changes occurring to the registered information, a member shall follow the method prescribed by the Company and modify the details in a prompt manner. The Company is not liable for any damages caused to a member due to his/her failure to update the membership registration in a timely manner.

Article 4 (Member ID and Password Management)

1. The member shall be responsible for strictly managing/storing his/her member ID/password, and they shall not be transferred/lent to any third parties. Also, one’s intention indicated to the Company with a member’s ID/password shall be regarded as a valid intention of the member under the said ID/password.

2. Pertaining to damages caused by inappropriate management of a member’s ID/password, faulty usage, or a third party’s usage without permission, the member shall handle them at their own risk.

Article 5 (Termination of Use, Cancellation of Membership Registration)

The Company may terminate the use of the Service or cancel the membership registration if a member is judged to fall under any of the following:
(1) Laws and regulations of the Agreement are violated.
(2) There was any dishonest act or default on financial obligations for using the Service in the past.
(3) The registered contents contain false information.
(4) There are any other inappropriate reasons as a member.

Article 6 (Withdrawal)

If a member wishes to withdraw, s/he must complete the prescribed withdrawal process by accessing the “Withdrawal Process” of the Site’s “My Page” to do so.

Article 7 (Purchase of Item)

1. Upon purchase of an item, a member is to fill out the prescribed items required for placing an order, then click the order button to complete the application.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the case of a dishonest act or inappropriate act against the use of the Service, the Company may cancel, terminate, or take other necessary actions concerning the contract of sale
3. A sales contract is considered finalized when the Company sends the order confirmation e-mail to you.

Article 8 (Time of Finalization of Sales Contracts)

A sales contract is considered finalized when the Company sends the order confirmation e-mail to you.

Article 9 (Payment)

1. The selling price is shown per item.
2. The payment method is PayPal only.

Article 10 (Cancellation, Return, and Replacement)

1. After the completion of an order process, even though it is before the completion of placing an order, no cancellation shall be accepted due to compelling reasons.

2. Return/replacement of an item after order completion is accepted only if a wrong item was shipped. Please contact “info@ojsjp.com” within 7 days from the delivery date of the item. They will inform you how to return/replace your order. If a replaceable item is out of stock, a refund will be made.

・The following types of products cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged regardless of the preceding provisions.
1) Opened or used products
2) Products damaged or soiled in the customer’s possession
3) Products with some parts missing, including packaging

・The Company assumes no responsibility for defects in products sold, except as described in the previous section.
[Other Notes]
・The product photographs featured on this Web site depict the actual product. However, colors and other attributes may appear different when viewing the product through a computer monitor as compared to viewing the product directly
・Please understand that the Company cannot be held responsible for delivery failure or garbled text in e-mail sent by the Company to you or sent by you to the Company.
・When multiple products are ordered at once and one or more items are out of stock, the Company may at its discretion delay shipment until all ordered products are ready.
・Products cannot be delivered to certain countries and regions for safety and other reasons.
・Products are shipped in standard export packaging designed to endure international shipping.
・Unless a separate agreement exists, risk of loss or damage passes to the customer at the time products are transferred to the ocean or air freight carrier in Japan. However, the Company retains ownership of products until all associated costs are paid in full.
・The Company assumes no responsibility for non-fulfillment or delay in fulfillment of product shipping or contract obligations due to war, civil strife, riots, labor disputes, epidemics, fire, floods, earthquakes, embargos, government order, or other circumstances beyond the company’s control.

Article 11 (Termination of a purchase agreement)

The Company reserves the right to terminate a purchase agreement in the event of any of the following.
•when you breach any of the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use
•upon discovery of information confirming your inability to meet payments
•when products are out of stock and cannot be provided without an unreasonable burden on OJ’s JP
•when contact cannot be made with you due to an unknown contact address or prolonged absence from said address
∗Prolonged absence will apply to any case where contact cannot be made with the purchaser within one week of shipment of the product
•notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, The company reserves the right to cancel or terminate a purchase agreement in the event of what the company deems to be illegal or inappropriate use of the Service and may take appropriate action.

Article 12 (Customer’s Liability)

The customer shall be responsible for any actions and results through the use of the Service.

Article 13 (Prohibitions)

The customer shall not undertake any action set forth in each of the following items. In the event such actions cause any damage against the Company or a third party, the customer shall be liable for indemnifying it.
(1) Misappropriation of member ID and password
(2) Transferring or lending of member ID and password
(3) Membership registration is made with false information
(4) Defacing information by accessing the Company’s webpage, interference with the Service operation by transmitting harmful computer programs to the Company’s webpage, and other actions which may disrupt the Service
(5) Acts amounting to infringement of trademarks, copyright, privacy and other rights belong to other customers, third parties, or the Company; acts amounting to inconvenience, disadvantage or damage against other customers, a third party, or the Company; or acts which are likely to cause them
(6) Performing a threat to public order and morality, or infringement of the law
(7) Other acts the Company rationally determines as inappropriate, such as infringement of the Agreement, damage to credit, etc.

Article 14 (The Company’s Exemptions)

1. This Service is what the Company offers “as-is” and “within the available limit”, and the Company does not explicitly or implicitly warrant the Service conforming to the customer’s particular purposes, expected functions/commercial value/usability/accuracy, etc.

2. Except for causes attributable to the Company, the Company shall not be liable for any damage arising to the customer due to the Service.

3. The Company may modify the Service at its sole discretion without prior notice, and the Company shall not be liable to the extent recognized by law if any damage arises to the customer from this.

4. Pertaining to the damage of an item sold through the Service due to a defect, the Company shall handle it pursuant to the provision of Article 10 Paragraph 2 of the Agreement, however, they shall not be liable to other obligations to the extent recognized by law.

5. In the case of an unknown shipping destination, the Company shall be exempted from the responsibility of shipping the merchandise to the ship-to address specified during the application or reaching the registered contact address.

6. Even though the Company is liable to the customer for any reason regarding the Service usage, the Company shall indemnify the damage that has been caused to the said customer directly and realistically no more than the actual amount the said customer has paid to the Company over the last six months before the occurrence of the said damage (however, this shall not apply in the case where there is wilful or gross negligence by the Company), however the Company shall not be liable for any incidental damages, indirect damages, consequential damages, and loss of income.

Article 15 (Suspension and Termination of the Service)

The Company may terminate/suspend a part or all of the Service without prior notice to the customer if a situation falls under any of the following. And the Company shall not be liable to the extent recognized by law if any damage arises to the customer from this.
(1) The Site’s system maintenance is performed
(2) The Site’s system delivery becomes difficult
(3) Delivery of the Service becomes difficult due to natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, power failure, as well as other acts of God
(4) If the Company determines continuing delivery of the Service is difficult due to compelling reasons

Article 16 (Handling of Personal Information)

Privacy policy
While being fully aware of the importance of the personal information of the customer who uses our Internet shopping website, the Company shall comply with laws pertaining to personal information protection and other norms, establish the privacy policy, and thoroughly conduct the customer’s personal information protection.
Refer to the following URL for the Privacy Policy provisions:

Article 17 (Copyright)

The copyright of the entire productions (images, sound files, compositions, etc.) listed on the Site shall belong to the Company or the rights holder of the said productions. The customer shall not use or reproduce these productions without permission.

Article 18 (Modification/Revision of the Agreement)

1. The Company may modify/revise the Agreement whenever the Company determines it as necessary.

2. By posting the details of the modification/revision of the Agreement over the Site, it is regarded as inured, and by this, the customer is regarded as approving the modification/revision of the said Agreement.

Article 19 (Jurisdiction)

The Tokyo District Court shall be the agreed court with exclusive primary jurisdiction for all litigation in connection with this Service’s usage.

Article 20 (Governing Law)

The construction, validity, performance and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of Japan.